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There are over 100,000 websites that offer cut-and-paste information. But when you see the same idea in several places there is no way to know who came up with it first so it's deemed plagiarized by those using software designed for this purpose. Plagiarism detection software has become highly sophisticated and is used by educators, universities, and even our own government these days! Accusations of plagiarism can cause expulsion from school or termination at work but avoid being labeled a cheater because if you get caught your options will be limited - not something anyone wants on their resume!

EssayHours.com is an essay writing service dedicated to providing high-quality essays for students all around the world. We offer original assignments on any topic tailored to your specific need and at an affordable price.

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Other assurances offered by EssayHours.com include:

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  • 1- Is it possible to get quality work delivered in a matter of 2 or 3 hours?

    We are sorry but that’s not possible. Quality takes enough time and proper research work.

  • 2- Can I get a Ph.D. dissertation done for the same price as a high school essay?

    We are sorry but that’s not possible. The process of attaining a Ph.D. degree is painstaking and requires advanced, sophisticated research skills which will inevitably cost more. But with EssayHours.com, you can be assured that your hard work and time won't go to waste as we offer top-quality dissertations for purchase at an affordable price.

  • 3- Can I get real quality work for $10 per page?

    We are sorry but that’s not possible. Exceptional writing tailored to assignment requirements that will meet and exceed academic expectations does not come cheap, but it is worth the investment. If someone says they can do it through cheap essay writing services, then expect this promise refers just as much to quality as well as price.

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