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A thesis statement is an essential element that expresses your main idea in an essay or any other paper. To write a good one, you must first create and convey compelling thoughts with enthusiasm!

A thesis statement is the most important part of any essay writing and research paper. It is a statement of belief, opinion, or idea that you want to prove.

Since a strong thesis statement is a key to writing an academic paper, you should go through this guide for creating one.

After going through our step-by-step guide of writing a thesis statement, you will be sorted for good. So, let’s get this started!

Thesis Statement Definition

A thesis statement is a 1-2 sentence that defines your topic and helps identify the direction of what you're discussing on the paper.

The thesis statement is an important part of your introduction, and it should not be confused with the opening paragraph. The main idea in this sentence will serve as an umbrella to explain why you are writing about that particular subject or viewpoint.

This helps you communicate your arguments or point of view that has been discussed in your paper. It also narrows down a topic to one focal point, which readers easily understand.

To make sure your paper is interesting, you need to come up with a thesis that can be argued upon. There are times when your primary goal will be to persuade the reader, and other times where you just want to give a strong opinion.

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How Long is a Thesis Statement?

A good thesis statement should be between 1-2 sentences long and between 30-40 words.

Where Does the Thesis Statement Go?

The thesis statement is usually stated at the end of the essay introduction, just before the body of the paper.

This should be stated near the end of an essay introduction and before the body paragraph.

What Is Not a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is never a fact, but it has to grab your attention and engage with the audience. You can't make something up; you need an opinion or argument for one side of an issue not to come off as boring!

Also, to get an A on a paper, you have to prove your argument.

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How to Write a Thesis Statement?

Writing a thesis is an integral part of your essay outline. Here is a quick guide for you to write a thesis statement step by step for an essay.

  1. 1. Figure Out the Research Question
  2. The first step in conducting a study is to figure out the research question that you want to be answered. You can use this question as a starting point for your research project!

  3. 2. Find an Answer and Take a Stance
  4. To answer your research question, do some initial research and make a convincing argument for how it ties into the rest of what we know. You can use this as an early guide when writing up your findings!

    A good paper starts with a strong thesis. A great way to do this is by choosing which side of an argument you want your conclusion and then making the claim that supports it.

  5. 3. Support Your Answer With Evidence
  6. As you continue your research, the answer to this question will change as more sources and evidence become available. Keep revising your thesis until all aspects of your paper are included to make navigation clear for readers.

    Remember that your thesis must come in your topic sentences to relate to the entire paper.

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Thesis Statement Examples

Here you’ll find some great examples of a thesis statement, have a look at it:

Example No. 1

A great paper has been written based on the relationship between fairy tales and early childhood.

“Not just empty stories for children, fairy tales reflect on the psychology of youngsters.”

As you can see in the example, this is not an obvious point, but it beautifully delivers on its essence.

Example No. 2

This thesis statement discusses how important it is to save whales.

“Due to our planet’s health being dependent on biological diversity, we need to save the whales.”

This statement is not general and includes a lot of information. Saving whales will improve our planet’s health, which the audience had read about before but didn't think much about it!

Example No. 3

This example discusses the best government for Kenya.

“If the government decides against taking over the industrial sector of Kenya, the industries will become more efficient.”

Look at this example to know how it delivers the message with such clarity and precision.

Example No. 4

This thesis statement is about increasing cases of celiac patients in the United States.

“Researchers believe that the incidence of celiac disease is rising in the United States not only due to the rise in the awareness and ability to diagnose it but also due to the changes in the agriculture systems.”

This thesis is a longer statement, but still, it is not boring. There's a balance of word count, making it an interesting read.

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Tips For Writing A Strong Thesis Statement

Here are some tips that can help you learn how to write a good thesis statement for your essay or any other paper.

  • Every writer should have a strong thesis statement. Don't lose the meaning and essence of your paper by throwing vague fancy words at readers, be specific!
  • It is important not to use jargon or technical language unless you write about a subject that will appeal specifically to those who know what this terminology means.
  • A strong thesis statement is specific and makes the reader want to know more.
  • It should have a single main focus but then further detail to make the argument.
  • The best way to summarize an argument is with a thesis statement. It's important to examine the topic in detail and focus on specific areas you want to cover, so use engaging language to keep readers interested.
  • You don't want to repeat what everyone else says. Take risks and surprise your reader with original ideas. They've already gone through the basics of your topic, so it's time for something fresh.

A strong thesis statement is one of the most important features of every paper. It needs to support your argument and give a clear idea about what you are writing about.

The way a paper is written can impact the tone of voice it employs. The more direct, opinionated, and passionate you are in your writing - the louder that will come across as well!

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