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persuasive essay examples

A persuasive essay is one of the many kinds of essays. When writing a persuasive essay, you need to maintain a specific style & voice.

No doubt that it is difficult to maintain one tense, tone and style throughout the essay. It is important to follow one voice in order to make your ideas consistent.

One should be aware of persuasive essay examples, topics and procedure before starting to write the essay. We have gathered a few examples to help you understand persuasive writing. The examples given below are very helpful in writing an excellent persuasive essay.

A persuasive essay is a piece of writing that makes strong evidence to convince readers about a specific point-of-view. The claim is supported by factual information throughout the essay.

This type of essay also tells why the idea of the author is correct. It also describes why the opposite point of view is incorrect.

The following aspects are crucial in persuasive essay writing:

  • In-depth research related to the topic
  • Knowledge about the level of the target audience
  • Clear understanding of both the point of view

Although it seems difficult to write this kind of essay, with the help of examples you can write great essays.

Persuasive Essay Examples 5 Paragraph

A typical persuasive essay consists of five basic paragraphs. It contains the following structure:

  • Single introductory paragraph
  • Three body paragraphs
  • Single conclusion paragraph

Here is an example of a persuasive essay with 5 paragraphs to help you write the best essay.

5 Paragraph Persuasive Essay Example (PDF)

5 Paragraph Persuasive Essay Example

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Persuasive Essay Examples for Elementary Students

At lower academic grades, students are often assigned to write persuasive essays so that the students can develop essay writing skills.

Persuasive essays are easy to write and they are not so difficult for students at the elementary level. Check out the below-given examples of persuasive essay writing for elementary students.

4th Grade Persuasive Essay Example (PDF)

4th Grade Persuasive Essay Example

5th Grade Persuasive Essay Example (PDF)

5th Grade Persuasive Essay Example

6th Grade Persuasive Essay Example (PDF)

6th Grade Persuasive Essay Example

7th Grade Persuasive-Essay Example (PDF)

7th Grade Persuasive-Essay Example

Persuasive Essay Example For Grade-8 (PDF)

Persuasive Essay Example For Grade-8

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Persuasive Essay Examples High School

High school students struggle to write complex persuasive essays. But they can get help for some good examples to write.

Here is an example to help high school students with persuasive writing.

High School Persuasive Essay (PDF)

High School Persuasive Essay

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Persuasive Essay Examples College

Undoubtedly, persuasive essay writing becomes much more difficult at the college level than at the high school grades.

Here is a good persuasive essay example for you. Read it, understand and write your essay by following the same pattern.

College Persuasive Essay Example (PDF)

College Persuasive Essay Example

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Essay Example for University

Are you at the university level and your teacher has assigned you a persuasive essay to write?

Don’t worry we have brought an example that will show you how you can write the best essay.

Persuasive Essay Example University (PDF)

Persuasive Essay Example University

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Short Persuasive Essay Examples

Most essays are long as they discuss ideas in great detail. One can also write a short essay but by including all crucial points in it.

Readout this short example of the persuasive essay and write a small essay in the same manner.

Short Persuasive Essay Example (PDF)

Short Persuasive Essay Example

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How to Start a Persuasive Essay Examples

It is important to start an essay with an engaging viewpoint. Otherwise, the readers will lose interest in reading your essay & may leave reading in the middle.

To avoid this always begin your essay with something attention-grabbing & catchy. Start your essay with an interesting statement, question or verses.

Here is an example that tells exactly how to start a persuasive essay.

Example of Persuasive Essay Introduction (PDF)

Example of Persuasive Essay Introduction

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How to End a Persuasive Essay Examples

Like the beginning of an essay, the ending part is also important. A good conclusion will help the reader to get major takeaways. Therefore, plan to write a good conclusion for your essay.

Refer to this example in order to know how to smoothly end an essay.

Example Of Persuasive Essay Conclusion (PDF)

Example Of Persuasive Essay Conclusion

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Higher English Persuasive Essay Examples

Higher English is a specialized study course that is usually offered in the universities of the United Kingdom. In this course, students study literature plus linguistics, altogether.

The students also study literary texts, both fiction & non-fiction.

Check out this amazing Higher English persuasive essay example and get to know how to write the best one.

Higher English Persuasive Essay Example (PDF)

Higher English Persuasive Essay Example

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Argumentative and Persuasive Essay Example

Persuasive essays are also known as argumentative essays. In these essay kinds we use reason and logic to show our opinion.

In this kind of essay, we try to prove that our viewpoint is correct and the opposite point of view incorrect. Therefore, we use strong evidence & factual information to support our ideas.

Check out this fabulous argumentative and persuasive essay example.

Argumentative And Persuasive Essay Example (PDF)

Argumentative And Persuasive Essay Example

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Tips for Writing a Persuasive Essay

The persuasive essay is a useful tool for persuading someone to your side of an argument. It has three main parts:introduction, body & conclusion.

Here are a few tips that we want for our readers to adopt:

  • A persuasive essay requires great research. Therefore, read a lot before planning to write an essay of this kind.
  • Always choose a persuasive essay topic about which people already have an opinion. So it will be easier to further persuade them of your idea.
  • Write a thesis statement in the introduction of the essay. It will tell readers what you’re going to discuss in the essay.
  • Make a persuasive essay outline before starting the writing procedure.
  • Stay consistent and to the point throughout the essay writing process.
  • Once the essay is written, proofread your essay and correct all the errors.

A persuasive speech is written in the same manner. Write your essay by following these examples and tips to get ‘A’ grade on your paper.

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