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Do you have to give a speech soon and don't know where to start? Well, fear not! This blog post is here to help.

In it, we will define extemporaneous speech, outline the structure of an extemp speech, and provide some examples.

So whether you're a first-time speaker or just looking for some tips and tricks, read on!

Extemporaneous Speech Definition

Extemporaneous means something uttered at the moment but an extemporaneous speech is well-planned. It is based on research, study and organization. This type of speech challenges the cognitive abilities of the speaker.

Most of the extemporaneous speeches rely on brainstorming, collection and organization of ideas.

This kind of speech depends on well-researched material. We don’t memorize or read content for this type of speech.

The speaker is given some time to prepare material for the speech . Sometimes it gets stressful for the speaker to prepare something in a very short time period. But giving an extemporaneous speech helps prepare speakers for tougher competitions.

Elements of Extemporaneous Speech

The following are the elements of an extemporaneous speech, add these to your speech:

Speak About Something Worth Saying

The first thing about giving a speech is to talk about something that is worthy to be discussed. One should talk about up-to-date and interesting topics when it comes to speech.

Speak with Sincerity

Give your speech passionately. You need to show your audience that you are sincere with your ideas and you believe in what you're saying.

Speak with Your Own Style

It is important not to try and imitate the speaking style of other speakers because this can come across as artificial.

A natural conversational tone means you should speak in a way that looks natural & unique.

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Extemporaneous Speech vs Impromptu Speech

Here are some key differences between these two kinds of speech;

  • The main difference between the two is that in impromptu speech, the speaker is given no time for preparation. Whereas in an extemporaneous speech, the speaker is given time of 5 to 30 minutes for preparation.
  • Impromptu speech is given instantly but the extemporaneous speaking may use flashcards or few notes.

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Extemporaneous Speech Advantage and Disadvantages

Here are the advantages & the disadvantages of an extemporaneous speech essay:

Advantages of Extemporaneous Speech

  • It keeps the audience engaged because of their naturality.
  • A well-prepared extemporaneous speech is very interesting and informative.
  • In this type of speech, the speaker can also engage the audience and thus can make it more interesting.

Disadvantages of Extemporaneous Speech

  • It can be haunting for people with public fear.
  • Lack of preparation due to any reason can lead to nervousness and confusion.
  • One may use inappropriate words according to the context when giving this type of speech.

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Extemporaneous Speech Outline

  • Introduction:
    • Purpose Statement that answers the question
    • Topic
    • Main Ideas
    • Attention Grabber
  • Body:
    • Main Point #1

      • Subpoints

        • Facts
      • Subpoints

        • Facts
    • (Additional subpoints and facts as may be needed).

    • Main Point #2

      • Subpoints

        • Facts
      • Subpoints

        • Facts
    • (Additional subpoints and facts as may be needed).

    • (Additional Main Points, Subpoints, and Facts as appropriate).
  • Conclusion:
    • Restate the Purpose Statement
    • Topic
    • Main Ideas
    • End convincingly!
  • Sources (When necessary): (Always give credit to your sources).

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Extemporaneous Speech Examples

Examples are a great way to understand a concept. Check out the following example and sample to know how to write the best extemporaneous speech & impress your audience.

Extemporaneous Speech (PDF)

Extemporaneous Speech

Short Extemporaneous Speech (PDF)

Short Extemporaneous Speech

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Extemporaneous Speech Topics

Pick out any of these ineter tsing topics to write a great speech:

  • Is the growing population and economy a threat to India’s environment?
  • Should Indian society invest in maintaining peace between Hindus and Muslims?
  • Can prime-minister and Democratic Party leader Yukio Hatoyama give a boost to the Japanese economy?
  • Is Wikipedia sometimes more reliable than for example the Online Encyclopedia Britannica?
  • Will petroleum be the major fuel till 2050?
  • Do pharmaceuticals profit too much from Swine Flu or other Mondial diseases?
  • Will microloans and community banking be a lifesaver for developing countries?
  • Should we be afraid of internet crime and piracy?
  • Should we lower our tolerance for repeat drunk driving?
  • Should there be fines for running out of petrol on the motorway?

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What is an example of extemporaneous speech?

You can give this speech on any kind of topic, for example when you get home late or when you answer a question to your teacher in class.

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