How to Write a Fabulous Descriptive Essay within Few Hours

descriptive essay

Do you need to write a descriptive essay for your next assignment? If so, this guide will help you get started because they are commonly assigned to school and college students.

In order to write a great descriptive essay, it's important to understand the five senses and use specific details to make your readers feel as if they are right there in the moment.

With a little practice, you can write essays that are both informative and engaging. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Descriptive Essay Definition

The descriptive essay is not just about telling what's happening in detail but instead showing how something looks or sounds through imagery. To do this, you need creativity and vividness of imagination because it’s all applicable to the reader who wants more than information on paper!

The five-sensory descriptive essay is all about appealing to the reader's senses of sight, smell, taste hearing and touch. You should be able for them to feel your words as if they were actually experiencing it themselves when reading one of these pieces written by you!

Features of a Descriptive Essay

The following are the features of a good descriptive essay:

  • Use of Sensory Details
  • The best way to write an engaging copy is by creating an association with your readers and painting the picture. You can do this through sight, touch, smell or taste - it's up to you!

  • Use of Figurative Language
  • The use of figurative language in a descriptive essay enables the writer to paint pictures with words and make his readers feel as if they were experiencing something.

  • One Central Theme
  • The central theme should be well defined and focused on a single point. It shapes the content of your essay, guiding it towards an organized discussion that advances the argument in appropriate ways with relevant examples or evidence from throughout history.

  • Relatable Language
  • Your essay will be more appealing if you use clear and direct language to emphasize the main theme. Make sure that your words are not vague or unclear, as this reflects poorly on an author's ability to express themselves.

  • Chronologically Organize the Ideas
  • The organization of your essay is essential to the overall tone. Therefore, proper organization of the ideas in the essay is crucial and cannot be compromised.

Difference between Narrative and Descriptive Essay

The main difference between the two is that a narrative essay aims to tell the whole story from the beginning to the end. On the other hand, a descriptive essay only focuses on the detailed description of the specific events, objects, places or a concept.

Both kinds of essays aim for descriptions with creativity. One can use almost the same techniques to write both types of essays.

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Types of Descriptive Essays

  • Person: In this paper, you can talk about the person in your life who has fascinated or impressed you for years. You might choose from simple descriptions like their appearance and more complex ones such as how they interact with others around them on a day-to-day basis.
  • Place: The way you describe a place can really bring it to life for your reader, and there are many ways of doing this. One way is by intriguing them with the details that make up their atmosphere.
  • Event: The best way to make your story more interesting is by focusing on the events in your life. Events are things like getting married, buying a house or moving apartments; they're all important moments that can provide great material for storytelling!
  • Animal: In this type of essay, animals can be an interesting topic to discuss in detail.
  • Occupation: What is your dream job? One that would make every day better and bring balance into life. You can talk about this in an essay if you want!
  • Behavior: Exploring the depths and complexities of your characters is encouraged in this type of academic writing. You can write about people's behaviors with intricate detail because it will help bring alive any story you tell on paper!

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Descriptive Essay Format

There are many different types of essays you can write, but not all creative pieces require the same structure.

The format also resembles the format of the argumentative essay. Follow this effective descriptive essay format to ensure that your work is up to the mark in both formality and creativity!

The basic format for this kind of essay consists of an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. Know detailed constituents of each part here:

  • Introductory Paragraph
    • Opening sentence
    • Background facts
    • A clear thesis statement
  • Body Paragraphs
    • Topic sentence
    • Sensory details
    • Actual details
  • Conclusion
    • Summary of main points
    • A closing sentence

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Writing Steps to Write Well-Structured Descriptive Essay

Don’t know how to start a descriptive essay? You do not need to worry because this is the step-by-step writing procedure to help you out!
  1. Choose a Good Topic
  2. Essay writing is a process that can take many different forms and styles. In order to make your descriptive essay stand out from others, it's important for you to start with the right purpose in mind.

    The main idea in a thesis statement should summarize your entire paper. It's important for this piece of text to act as an introduction and provide background information on what you're going to discuss.

  3. Brainstorm and Collect Ideas
  4. Descriptive essays are a great way to make your reader feel as if they're right there with you. They contain all sorts of details that help implant main points into their mind such as physical characteristics, dates/time periods etc., helping them see what's happening in detail and giving an immersive experience.

    Group the information you collect into categories so that it is easy to access later.

  5. Make an Outline for Essay
  6. The most important thing to remember about writing an essay is organization. You need your main points organized into individual body paragraphs so that you can group all of the information together and make it easier for readers.

  7. Begin Writing with the Introductory Paragraph
  8. Introducing your essay with an attention-grabbing introduction is a great way to ensure that readers stay tuned until the end.

    Begin your essay with a famous quotation or a question. Write background information related to your topic. At last, write a complete thesis statement narrating your perspective on the topic.

  9. Write Detailed Body Paragraphs
  10. The topic sentences in each body paragraph should be clear and concise, telling readers what they can expect from that particular part of the essay.

    The more specific you are, the better. Avoid using generalizations and keep your examples as vivid or colorful as possible to make an impression on readers!

  11. Conclude Your Essay
  12. The conclusion is not just for ending on an exciting note, but it's also your opportunity to summarize all the main ideas from each paragraph.

    Rephrase the main ideas of the essay in this last paragraph and give a moral to your story here.

  13. Revise and Proofread
  14. Always remember to include vivid sensory details in your essays. These little additions can make all the difference between a boring read and one that leaves readers feeling like they've been transported into an amazing world!

    Reread your essay and edit all the mistakes to make your essay flawless & magical for the readers.

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Descriptive Essay Examples

Check out these examples and learn to write great descriptive papers:

My Favorite Place Descriptive Essay

The perfect place to escape from the world is in your backyard. It's where you can find solace, peace and quiet that only nature has created for us all - unless of course, it happens upon an unforgettable moment or two with family members who have passed on; but even then there will always be somewhere else dedicated just specifically towards them because their memory deserves respect!

When you look out at the horizon, it takes your mind to another world where memories are made. The breaking waves provide psychological comfort and happiness with their soothing sound.

The sea is a place of great beauty and inspiration. Poems about the ocean have been written by many people in history, including Maxiecd Okely-Brown who said "The waves roll on to show that they still can't outperform me."

I love to go to the beach and think. Sometimes, when I'm feeling stressed or need some time away from people that are bothering me.

As I walk along the beach, searching for buried treasure in the sand with my friends who are also hunting for hidden objects but write instructions on paper cards that tell others how to get there. It's great because we're all competing against each other so it makes things more interesting when someone finds something before you do!

The sea is a source of hope and renewed activity. The salt in our food, the pearls that are strung upon it for decoration; all these things remind us to be grateful with what we have been given by this world's natural resources.

Some people think the beach is just an area to escape from life, but I disagree. To me, it's more than that, especially when you get there in your pajamas!

Descriptive Essay About My Mother

Mothers are a huge part of our lives, and we can always count on them for support. Whether it's advice about how to deal with teachers or friends at school who don't want you there anymore- they've been through everything too! Plus? It seems as if everyone has some nice thing they say about their mommy: "She’s the best," “she understands me better than anyone else."

My siblings and I were always proud of our mother's hair. It was a joy to see her come visit us at high school because other children would urge us to ask for the pins out so they could enjoy how long it naturally grew before being pulled back into some semblance of order with combs sticking up every which way imaginable.

Though there are many beautiful women in this world who match their beauty, few can compare to what you get from your own bloodline - mine definitely counts as one!

When my siblings and I saw that our mother was sad, we would do anything to make her happy. She had this way of smiling even when she felt worried or afraid about something- which just seemed like inconsistencies in emotions to me as a child but now realize it is because happiness comes from within rather than outside sources.

I can still remember the smell of my mom's cooking. She used to cook such delicious food and we were always left with an empty stomach, ready for another meal! The best part about her meals is that they never took long; she knew just what ingredients went into them so you would be satisfied quickly without being hungry after only one or two small tastes each time around.

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Descriptive Essay Topics for University Students

Here are some extraordinary topics for short descriptive essay writing that you can select from for your paper:

  • Why does Martin Luther King deserve respect?
  • Which horror film character has scared you to death?
  • Describe an event that has changed your life
  • Who is your favorite teacher, and why?
  • What do you cook for yourself during the day
  • Are you into photography? What is the best photo you have taken?
  • Do you like riding a bicycle?
  • Solar System and planets in it.
  • Describe your living rooms in detail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a descriptive essay be a story?

The first-person narrative essay is more often than not, a story that involves the writer's own experiences and thoughts. A descriptive essay does not tell any kind of tale but instead utilizes varying perspectives in order to describe something specific.

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