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Creative book reports are assigned to students to check their creative skills. It is also an escape from daily dull assignments. This assignment task is engaging from the traditional assignments.

It involves storytelling, colors, creativeness, and brainstorming. If you are looking for some interesting book report ideas, then this blog is for you!

Let us get started to explain different creative ideas to create intriguing book reports.

Book Report Ideas for Kindergarten

Here are some interesting book reports ideas for children of kindergarten:


Another interesting way for students to create a book report is to create a timeline. You can take all the dates from your book and create its timeline. In this way students can easily learn the important dates, and also your book report will be ready.

You can tape or glue the papers together to create a long timeline. You have to add the description of the characters and some important points that happened on that date.

Clothes Hanger Book Report Mobile

To create a cloth hanger book report, you need:

  • A hanger. Cover the hanger with a paper and put the title of the book and author name on the title.
  • Now take a string or strong thread and attach it to the hanger.
  • Cut the paper into small shapes and add the elements of the book, characters, and other important points and pass them through the string.
  • There you go; your dangling hanger book report is ready.

Watercolor Rainbow Book Report

To create a watercolor rainbow book report, you need to:

  • Take white color paper and paste the picture of your favorite book character in the middle of it.
  • Now draw the lines towards the outer corner of paper like we used to draw sun rays.
  • Make sure they are seven in number.
  • Now color them in different rainbow colors and write information about your book plot or character in those areas.

Character Cards

Another way of creating a book report is to create a character card. You can choose your favorite character or the main character from the book. Now draw and cut out its picture. You can write about the character on the other side of the picture.

Paper Bag Book Report

To create a paper bag book report, you need:

  • Old paper bags that your mom bought from the grocery.
  • Cut these bags in the same size and staple them together.
  • Now write the description of your book on white pages and stick them on the bags.
  • You can also add pictures to make your book report more interesting.

Book Report Charm Bracelet

To create a charm bracelet book report, you need:

  • White paper, string, colors, and some beads.
  • Put your hand on a piece of paper and trace it. Now cut the paper.
  • Now take other paper and cut its strip to make a bracelet. And then add a small hanging that will be attached through the string to a bracelet.
  • You can add beads to these hanging strings.
  • Now write the title and main information on the hand while you can add important points and characters on the small hangings.

Cereal Box TV Book Report

To create a cereal box book report, you need:

  • A cereal box. Cut the shorter sides of a cereal box.
  • Paste the pictures related to your book on one side of the cereal box so that it looks like a TV screen.
  • And add the information on the other side of the box.
  • Make sure to cover a cereal box properly.


Easiest and creative way to create a book report is to create a collage. You can take images from old magazines that resemble the characters of the book, or you can also take images from the internet.

You can join these pictures and turn them into a collage. You can also add descriptions of book characters, authors, etc., side by side with these pictures.

Book Reports in a Bag

To create a bag book report, you need:

  • To read a book and write down its summary on paper.
  • Now you have to create a paper bag and paste that paper on the bag.
  • Decorate the bag with the matching items of something from the book you have read.
  • You can also add the pictures of five things that you liked most about the book.


To create a bookmark book report, you need:

  • Papers and color markers. You also need ribbons.
  • Now cut out bookmarks into different shapes. The most common shape is a rectangle.
  • You can also cut bookmarks into the alphabet or some character from the book.
  • Now add the description that bookmarks.

And in the end, punch a hole on one side of the bookmark and add a beautiful ribbon to it.

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Book Report Ideas for Middle School

Creative ideas for book reports need more attention and detail than traditional book reports. There is no doubt that these assignments are the most interesting ones, but they also acquire more time. Here are the book report project ideas for grades 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

Mini Tin Book Report

The mini tin book can be created for any subject in middle school. To create a mini tin book, you need:

  • To have a small tin box or can. You can even use a used tuna fish can or an old small geometry box.
  • Cut the color paper that fits in the mini box.
  • Use markers and different small stickers or accessories to decorate the border of the papers.
  • Put these papers in the tin after you have written your notes on them.
  • You can also paint or decorate the outer side of the tin with the theme of your assignment topic.

Fictional Yearbook Entries

To create a fictional yearbook report, you need to:

  • Take some colorful paper and markers. Cut these papers into different shapes and create a small booklet.
  • Decorate this booklet with the help of colorful markers.
  • Now add the happening around you throughout the years in that booklet.
  • You can use old newspapers and magazines to take images from your favorite characters and paste them into a book report.
  • You can also use the images of places you visit and the food you eat.

Book Report Cake

To create a book report cake, you need to:

  • Take cardboard, or you can also take an old shoebox.
  • Cut the cardboard in the shape of cake pieces and join them together to make a cake.
  • You can paste the information of your assignment on the sides of the cake pieces.
  • Decorate the top of the cake with the help of paint colors or colorful sheets.
  • There you go; your yummiest cake book report is ready!

Current Events Comparison

You can also provide your student with some characters from the book and ask them to choose a character they are interested in. Now ask them to act that character and also ask them how these characters would act if they were present in the current environment.

These comparisons between events help students to develop critical thinking.

Sandwich Book Report

To create a sandwich book report, you need to:

  • Take colorful paper and cut out all the things needed to make a sandwich, e.g., you can cut pattie, a tomato and onion slice, and bread slices.
  • You can write your assignment requirements, such as author name, your view on the book, etc., on a page and paste them on these sandwich parts.
  • And then assemble the sandwich as we do in real life.
  • There it is, the yummiest sandwich book report ready!

Book Alphabets

To create an alphabet book report, you need:

  • To cut out the alphabets of your choice or the ones from the book title you have read or its characters.
  • You can write the information about the book characters and vocabulary words based on the book you read.
  • You can also make a letter of your favorite line or character in the book and write that line on that letter.

Peekaboo Book Report

To create a peekaboo book report, you need to:

  • Use cardboard to create a lap book. Then add the small pages or mini cards on the cardboard. These small cards include information about the book’s character, plot setting, rating, and other additional things.
  • Now you have to create the drawing of your favorite book character or main character and cut it out. You have to draw its heads and arms.
  • Now attach this character from behind the lapboard as it seems hanging on from behind, peeking on your lap book.

Architectural Blueprints

To create an architectural blueprint book report, you need:

  • To select any house, a farmhouse, a room, or any map that is being discussed in the book you have read.
  • Now you have to use your creative skills and draw the blueprint of the room or the house or map discussed in the story.
  • You can add the details on the backside of the blueprint. So that others know the details from which you have emerged this architecture.

T-Shirt Book Report

To create a T-shirt book report, you need:

  • An old T-shirt of yours. It’s better if you take a white color t-shirt or a light color one.
  • Draw the scene that you have read in the book on the front side.
  • Now write the summary, theme, author, etc., on the backside of the shirt, and there you go. Your most creative book report is ready.
  • You can either wear this T-shirt book report or simply use a hanger to hang it.

Jacket Book Report

To create a book jacket report, you need to:

  • Take an old jacket of yours. If you are using a light color jacket, then you can draw your favorite scene on it and write about it in the jacket.
  • If your jacket is of dark color, you can either do the same with a white or silver marker.
  • Another way can be to cut out the small notes of colorful pages and stick them to your jacket.
  • You can either wear your jacket or can hang it on a hanger.
  • It is best suited if you are writing about detective books or novels or if there is some role of the jacket in the story you have read.

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Book Report Ideas for High School

Where are some interesting book reports idea if you are in high school:

Diorama Book Report

To create a diorama book report, you need:

  • An old shoebox. Place it in a way that its open sides face towards you.
  • Now you have to create a scenic view of the book you have read. You can choose your favorite scene from the book.
  • Draw the character and other scene settings. Cut this drawing and paste them into the box.
  • Paste these drawings in a way that they look like a 3-D model.
  • You can put information about the book on the small cards and attach them with a toothpick. Insert these as small signboards in your diorama.

Dodecahedron Book Report

To create a dodecahedron book report, you need:

  • To cut out 12 pieces of paper and write about your book cover, characters, summary, and other points on it.
  • Now take glue and stick these papers with one another, covering all the four sides that form a dodecahedron shape.
  • This is time-consuming, but it looks more creative than others.

Act The Part

It is not mandatory to create some book reports all the time. You can make it interesting through dramatizing or acting. You and your friends can act on your favorite scene that you read. Then you and your group can act that part in front of your class.

And can submit a written form of book report on simple paper.

Pizza Box Book Report

To create a pizza box book report, you need:

  • Empty pizza box. Make sure it is clean.
  • Now create a pizza wedge and write about your book on every wedge.
  • Put these wedges in a box, making a complete pizza.
  • There you go; your pizza book report is ready!

Create A PSA

PSA stands for Public Service Announcement. To create a PSA book report, you need to provide your students with PSAs’ so they have an idea of how it is written. Now, after they have understood it, ask them to write a PSA report.

You can provide your student with storyboarding and ask them to create a PSA of it.

Fact Sheet

You can create the fact sheet as your book report. For this, you have to figure out interesting facts from the book you read. Now make a sheet of it. Make sure these facts are new to you.

Reading Lists For Characters

Ask your student to think of a character from a book. Now take them to the library and ask them to choose five books that suit the character they have selected. Ask students to make a list of books according to that character.

Picking out a book that matches the character style helps students develop their personality and identity.

File Folder Book Report

To create a file folder book report, you need:

  • Colorful paper, cardboard, and pens, pencils.
  • Now cut the cardboard in the shape of a file and decorate it.
  • Now you can add the summary and important points on colorful paper and stick them to your file.

Character Analysis Book Report

Your teacher may ask you to dress up like a character from a book. You have to dress up and explain why you like that character and what are the negative things about this character.

Because you have to provide a complete character analysis, your teacher may ask you additional questions about the character, so be prepared.

Book Report Triorama

To create a triorama book report, you need to:

  • Take white paper and cut them into four triangles.
  • Now add the description of your book on these triangles.
  • Take glue and stick these four triangles in a way that they form a 4D model. It will look like an Egyptian Pyramid. This is a triorama.
  • You can also add images in these triangles.

These are some of the fun book report ideas for your next class assignment. No matter if you are in 4th grade, 5th grade, or 6th grade, you can pick any from the list. Do refer to these and design your book reports according to these ideas to stand alone!

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