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Newbies can learn a lot from article reviews. Article review experts have an opportunity to evaluate other fields' work for originality and clarity, which could help them in their own research efforts as well!

Have you ever been assigned to write an article review but had no idea where to start?

You're not alone. Many people struggle to write an article review, and if you are finding it difficult, then don't worry because there's always help available!

This guide will walk you through the process of writing a review, including what to focus on and how to structure your essay. Plus, I've included some examples to help you get started. Let's get started!

What is an Article Review?

Writing a well-structured article review is not only an editing task, it's also about making sure your argument stands out. The key to doing this effectively is the carefully chosen language and the ability for readership comprehension!

Similar to a research paper, an article review is formatted with in-depth analysis and structured presentation arguments. However, it also includes some additional features that set this type of work apart from the rest - specifically, its focus on reviewing articles rather than conducting original research or extending conclusions reached by other writers.

Search databases and summarize the findings in order to write a good review of an article. The review should also be easy to read for the readers.

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Different Types of Article Reviews

The following are the types of reviews of articles:

Journal Article Review

Journal articles review the strengths and weaknesses of a publication. To do this, you need to provide analysis and interpretation that demonstrates how valuable it could be for other people to read about what was written in your article!

Research Article Review

The research article reviews/evaluates the used method to gain insight into a particular topic.

Science Article Review

This reviews science-related articles. The more information you have on the background of any publication, the better equipped you will be to analyze its strengths and weaknesses.

Answer These Questions when Writing the Article Review

  • What kind of format is used to write the article?
  • What is going to be the length of your review depending on the length of the article?
  • If there is the capacity to add a personal point of view?
  • If there is a need to add a background for the topic?
  • If the article requires adding a call-to-action in the end?

Try to answer these questions before writing the review to make it well-written.

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Using the APA & MLA Format

Articles are most often published in academic journals, newspapers and websites. If you write an article review for your APA format, it's important to include bibliographical entries or sources that were used when the article was written.

APA Format


Author [last name], A.A [first and middle initial]. (Year, Month, Date of Publication). Title. Retrieved from {link}


Author [last name], A.A [first and middle initial]. (Publication Year). Publication Title. Periodical Title, Volume(Issue), pp.-pp.


Author [last name], A.A [first and middle initial]. (Year, Month Date of Publication). Publication Title. Magazine Title, pp. xx-xx.

MLA format is used much after the APA format for citation.

MLA Format


Last, First Middle Initial. “Publication Title.” Website Title. Website Publisher, Date Month Year Published. Web. Date Month Year Accessed.


Last, First M. “Publication Title.” Newspaper Title [City] Date, Month, Year Published: Page(s). Print.


Last, First M. “Publication Title.” Journal Title Series Volume. Issue (Year Published): Page(s). Database Name. Web. Date Month Year Accessed.

Preparing for an Article Review

There are many steps to prepare for your first article review. A few simple preparations will help you attain an extraordinary result!

Planning your review of an article can be difficult, especially if you are not familiar with the subject. You might need some tips on how to write a good one.

  1. Write a rough summary of the article by reading the article.
  2. Note down all the positive points of the work.
  3. Search out the research gaps which are left in the article.
  4. Start writing the unanswered questions of the article.
  5. Understand how the title is significant. Check out what the author says in the opening sentences of the article.
  6. Read the different chapters of the article step by step and comprehend th ideas. Identify insightful observations made by the author.
  7. Put more focus on the introduction and the conclusions as much knowledge reside in these sections.
  8. Revise the article and check if you have skipped some ideas.

By following these steps, you will be able to compose and write a much better article review assignment. You'll even have the opportunity for an A grade for your review.

Article Review Format

This is the outline of your review article. It includes an introduction that provides background information on what you are reviewing, followed by arguments and then ending with recommendations about how people can do something about the problem if they want to make a difference!

  • Pre-title page: It includes information about the author, their qualifications and publications they have written for academia.
  • Author details: The author's full contact information includes their phone number, email address and fax line.
  • Running head: In order to make your article more interesting and easier for readers, it is recommended that you use fewer than 40 characters in the running head.
  • Summary page: Summarize the article in an engaging, easy-to-understand way.
  • Title page: Then write the complete title. The abstract should be as informative and interesting to the reader as possible.
  • Introduction
  • Body: Write the headings & subheadings in this.
  • Cited Works/References
  • Optional Suggested Reading Page
  • Figures and Tables

Writing Steps for an Article Review

Follow these steps to write a great review of an article:

  1. Title: Write down the title, it should portray the main theme of your review. It should portray the main focus of the reviewed article.
  2. Cite the Article: Properly cite the article which you are reviewing. For instance, Abraham John. “The World of Dreams.” Virginia Quarterly 60.2(1991): 125-67. Print.
  3. Identification of the Article: Clearly identify the article. Write the title of the article, author, title of the journal & year of publication to identify the article:

    For example, “Between Marx, Marxism, and Marxisms – Ways of Reading Marx’sTheory” was written by Ingo Elbe - in 2005.

  4. Introduction: Introduce and state the thesis statement of your review. This will help give readers direction as they read through it because every point made has meaning behind it! Talk about the positive aspects of the work.
  5. Summarize the Article: Write down the summary of the key points of the article. Also, add the conclusion of the author in this section.
  6. Critique it: Do a critical analysis of the article. Discuss the knowledge & how the author has contributed to the field. Talk about the strength and weaknesses of your reviewed article.
  7. Make a Conclusion: Conclude your review by summarizing the key points of the review. Highlight all the main and important ideas & points of your review.

Quality Check of the Article Review

The final step in the process of writing an article review is to proofread it. This will help you make sure there are no mistakes or inconsistencies before presenting your work for publication

Proofread the review and make it error-free. Check the use of grammar, punctuation and sentences in your text. This will help you polish your paper

Article Review Examples

The example we provide in this blog section will help you with your writing. They show how a good review should be written, and they also give some insight into what makes up an engaging one!

Journal Article Review Format

Journal Article Review Format

We all know that examples help to understand any form of writing better. The following are the benefits you can take from an example:

  • There are many different sources to help you find solid arguments for your own review.
  • To help you get started with key works by experts in your field.
  • It helps in writing a good review of an article.
  • It helps to look at people engaged in the research work.
  • It helps in better understanding of the type of research & to become an expert in the field.
  • To give you a better understanding of what has been accomplished in your field.
  • There is always something new to explore when it comes down to research.
  • It helps to look for the gaps in the research & eventually help out to find solutions to the unanswered questions.

Article Review Topics

  • The effects of Global Warming
  • Communication Differences between Males and Females
  • Illegal Immigration in the USA
  • The Importance of Sports for the High School Students
  • Ethnic Music Types
  • Negative Health Effects Caused by Illegal Drugs and Substances
  • Causes and Treatment of Infectious Diseases in US
  • Use of Drugs in Professional Sports and Its Side Effects
  • Obesity and Its Negative Effects on the Health of Adults
  • Street Art Tendencies in America

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Reviews are a great way to summarize the most important parts of other articles. They allow you not only to read about your topic but also to see what has been discovered so far and where future research should go next!

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