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analytical essay topics

If you are having difficulty in choosing a topic for your analytical essay then this blog is here to help you. Essay writing is tough and when you have to choose the topic yourself, it becomes tougher.

With over a 100 topics, the blog will help you get a good topic for your essay and secure an ‘A’ grade effortlessly.

Read the blog to get the analytical topic ideas and begin with your essay today.

Analytical Essay Topics for High School Students

Following is a list of analytical essay topics for high school students to write an essay on:

  • Do you think wearing a uniform should be compulsory in high school?
  • Analyze the impacts of bullying on academic performance of students.
  • How does abusive parenting affect the children’s psychology?
  • Analyze the impacts of punishments and penalties on students’ minds.
  • Analyze the impact of a company on an individual’s personality.
  • How is deforestation destroying the natural habitat?
  • Analyze the reasons for and impacts of forest fires.
  • How are natural disasters destroying the urban infrastructure?
  • Analyze the importance of extracurricular activities.
  • How do sports impact the personality of an individual?

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Analytical Essay Topics for College Students

Following are the topics for analytical essay for college students:

  • Analyze the reasons for non-serious behaviors in young people.
  • How important is it to pursue a career of your own choice?
  • Analyze the pros and cons of financial independence in teens.
  • How do you see the growing racial discrimination among college students?
  • Analyze the importance of skill education.
  • Discuss the impacts of an institution's infrastructure on student’s learning.
  • Is the growing infrastructure destroying the natural landscape?
  • Are we leaving a liveable world for future generations?
  • How is technology devastating the natural habitats?
  • Analyze why Artificial Intelligence is considered a threat for humanity.

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Hamlet Analytical Essay Topics

Following are Hamlet Analysis essay topics ideas:

  • Analyze the omens, prophecies, and superstitions mentioned in “Hamlet”.
  • Do you think Hamlet imitated his illness or was he really suffering from his madness?
  • Analyze the reasons why Hamlet was unable to manage and control his activities.
  • Analyze the movie based on Hamlet.
  • How do you see Hamlet's inner and outer conflict? Support your analysis with argument.
  • How impactful do you think Hamlet’s play’s setting is?
  • Analyze the role of nihilism on Hamlet’s transformation.
  • Analyze and discuss Hamlet's character both as a hero and a villain.
  • How do you see Hamlet's idea of sin and salvation?
  • How do you see the development of Hamlet's personality as the play progresses?

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Good Analytical Essay Topics

Following is a list of good analytical essay topics:

  • Causes and effects of climate change.
  • How the upcoming fashion trends lead to insecurities?
  • Analyze the impacts of body shaming.
  • Why do you think cyberbullying is increasing?
  • How important is it to be socially responsible?
  • How addiction impacts the individual’s social life?
  • Analyze the impacts of changing gender roles on traditional social norms.
  • How important it is to expose children to different forms of arts.
  • How do college internships affect your professional career?
  • How important is it to pursue the degree of your interest.

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Easy Analytical Essay Topics

Here is a list of easy and interesting topics to write an analytical essay:

  • Analyze the impact of generation gap between parents and children.
  • How do you see the gap between academia and industry?
  • Critically analyze your favorite literary work.
  • How does the sexual orientation of an individiual impacts his social life?
  • Analyze and suggest the ways that can help to maintain a good work-life balance.
  • How do you think globalization is affecting state’s sovereignty?
  • Compare and Contrast the three major political systems in the world.
  • Why do you think horror movies should be based on real life stories?
  • How does single parenting impact a child’s personality?
  • Analyze the factors that make the decision making difficult.

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Persuasive Analytical Essay Topics

Here is a list of persuasive analytical essay topics for students:

  • Analyze the impacts of education on personality development of an individual?
  • How is music piracy posing hurdles for singers?
  • Critically analyze the impacts of social media on academic performance of students.
  • Do alternative energy resources worth the cost?
  • Compare and contrast the stability of secular and religious states.
  • Analyze the reasons why the theory of End of History was proposed.
  • Why extremist ideologies are becoming powerful?
  • Analyze the reasons for growing intolerance among teenagers.
  • Analyze the reasons of generation gap between parents and children
  • Why do you think older people are reluctant to embrace technology?

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Critical Analysis Analytical Essay Topics

Following are some critical analysis essay topics for writing a good analytical essay:

  • Analyze the growing use of drugs among athletes.
  • Analyze the causes and effects of Peer pressure.
  • Analyze the reasons why people have phobias.
  • What are the reasons of growing extremism in teens?
  • How does the lack of understanding between parents affect children’s psychology?
  • Analyze the impacts of music therapy on mental health.
  • Why do you think sex education be the part of academics?
  • Analyze the impacts of racism on organizational growth.
  • How bullying impacts the children’s psychology?
  • Analyze the impacts of excessive use of social media.

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Funny Analytical Essay Topics

Following is a list of funny analytical essay topics:

  • How to convince your boss for a vocational trip?
  • Why are some cats sweet and some are rude?
  • How to manage your loud laughter?
  • Analyze the reasons behind the most embarrassing incidents of your life.
  • How to bear a friend with bad humor?
  • Why are some jokes more funny and some are less?
  • Why do you think you will be a better parent?
  • Why do some people always have a problem for a solution?
  • How to avoid unavoidable situations?
  • How to ignore an invasive colleague?

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Social Problems Analytical Essay Topics

Here is a list of analytical essay topics on social problems:

  • Analyze the reasons for higher crime rates in developing countries.
  • How do you see the indirect taxation mechanism?
  • Why are there extreme economic disparities between different regions of the country?
  • Analyze the ignorance towards education and health in economically weaker areas.
  • Analyze and suggest the ways to manage child labour effectively.
  • Why do you think the need for recycling is growing everyday?
  • Analyze the impacts of rising global temperature.
  • How can refugees be provided with better living standards?
  • How can the increasing addiction trends can impact the social structure?
  • Is inequality inevitable?

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Analytical History Essay Topics

Following are some analytical essay topics from history:

  • Analyze the symbolism in primitive Egypt.
  • Analyze the power of empires from the era of Assyria to Byzantium.
  • What role did women play in the prehistoric Britain era?
  • Critically analyze the Sumerian culture and traditions.
  • How important water resources had been for central Anatolia?
  • Study and analyze the demographic history of Palestine.
  • How religion and prophets have altered the social structure in ancient times?
  • How death and immorality were perceived in ancient Egypt civilization?
  • Study and analyze the social and economic conditions of Asia in the middle ages.
  • Critically analyze the US involvement in the middle east and Afghanistan.

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How to Choose an Analytical Essay Topic?

Choosing an essay or paper topic is tricky.

To choose a logical and interesting topic for your analytical essay you need to keep the following points in your mind:

  • Explore the reasons for writing an essay, it will help you choose the right topic for your essay.
  • Go for the topics that are familiar and you already have good knowledge about them
  • Choose the topics relevant to your academic background.
  • Discover and explore the topic a bit before finalizing it.

Following the above steps will help you a lot to choose the right topic for your analytical essay.

Along with the given topics there are some incredible essay topics to make your essay a winner.

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