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When you receive an award, it is your duty as the recipient to speak well at a public big event. You're expected to give a short, engaging speech when receiving an award.

It's your golden opportunity to thank the organization or individuals for their kindness and generosity in giving you this honor!

However, you need proper planning and good writing skills that make your speech impressive for the audience.

It's important to have an acceptance speech prepared before the event. However, you can avoid making mistakes by following some guidelines and proper structure, which you will find in this guide.

Thus, continue reading this guide and learn how to create a perfect acceptance speech with our professional written examples.

Acceptance Speech Definition

An acceptance speech is a type of speech given by someone who has been awarded something. Awards can be given in different ways, such as trophies, certificates, or speeches. Some people give speeches to thank the people who have helped them achieve their goals in life.

When accepting a prestigious award, it is important to give a concise and engaging speech. It is different from a presentation speech and you must follow specific steps when writing it.

However, you need to plan your speech and create a list of people you want to thank. It is also better that you take time and write a great speech that impresses the audience.

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How to Start an Acceptance Speech?

When you are starting your acceptance speech, it can be hard to know where to start. You may have many different thoughts in your mind, and you may not know what points to include in the introduction of your speech. Do not panic!

Follow these simple steps, and you will be able to give your speech with confidence:

  1. 1. Brainstorm Ideas
  2. Think about what you are grateful for. Write down a few reasons why you appreciate the award you received. The people who gave it to you want to know that you are thankful. They want to hear your thoughts on this honor, so tell them what you think.

  3. 2. Make a List of People You Want To Thank
  4. There are many people you could thank in your speech. You can thank the organizations that helped you achieve your goal. Also, the people who helped you with the project, and your family and friends who supported you.

  5. 3. Read Other Acceptance Speeches
  6. Looking for inspiration for your speech?

    You can find speeches from other award winners online or at your local library. It's important to read speeches from people who have won awards similar to the one you will be receiving.

  7. 4. Create an Outline
  8. An outline is a plan for the speech. It will have all the ideas and headings you need. Also, follow the proper format for the outline. This way, you can easily write a great speech.

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How to Write an Acceptance Speech?

If you are an award winner, a public speaking opportunity is a great chance to show off your skills. However, you need to plan ahead and make sure that your writing skills are up to par. This means practicing and rehearsing what you will say.

Below are the steps you should follow to write a perfect acceptance speech.

  1. 1. Write an Introduction
  2. The introduction of your speech is very important. You need to connect with the audience and set the tone for the rest of your speech.

    When giving a speech, you should start by telling a light-hearted joke. But don't talk about how great you are or why you deserve this award. Thank the people who helped you achieve your goals instead.

    The length of your introduction depends on how much time you have to speak, but try not to keep it too long.

  3. 2. Create the Main Body
  4. The body of the speech should focus on those who deserve recognition. The bulk of your speech should be devoted to thanking those people who helped you get this award. Reference the list you made of people who deserve recognition and thank them by name in a heartfelt way.

    However, you don't need to thank everyone in your life. Just thank the people who deserve it. Make sure that you only give thanks to those involved with your award and family or friends close to you.

    You can make your speech more interesting by adding humor. But, be careful not to make your speech too humorous; it will lose the impact of your message.

  5. 3. Compose the Conclusion
  6. Your speech must have a positive ending that leaves the audience satisfied. The conclusion should not be too long and tedious, so try to keep it brief!

    Who has helped you to accomplish your goal? Thank them for their assistance. You can also suggest a call to action that will inspire the audience!

    If you received an award for your work from an organization, highlight the few organization's achievements. In addition, in your final sentence, thank the audience for their time and effort.

  7. 4. Rehearsing and Proofread
  8. When giving a speech, the most important thing to remember is that you should practice. Practice makes perfect! This will help ensure your presentation goes well and people enjoy listening.

    Also, proofread your speech before you give it, and remove all mistakes.

    Reading your speech out loud is important because it tells you what the listener will hear. You should read aloud while noting any sections that sound awkward or confusing.

    And then remove words and phrases which are hard to pronounce. In this way, it will get easier for the audience to understand and also look more professional!

    Try asking someone you trust for feedback on your speech. You can also get creative and use a camera or recording device to identify your mistakes.

    Keep working until you feel it's perfect without any flaws at all!

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Acceptance Speech Examples

We have collected some excellent examples of acceptance speeches to inspire you. These will help give ideas for writing your own!

Acceptance Speech Sample

Acceptance Speech Sample

Acceptance Speech for the Nobel Peace Prize

Acceptance Speech for the Nobel Peace Prize

Scholarship Acceptance Speech

Scholarship Acceptance Speech

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Acceptance Speech Writing Tips

Here are some tips to help you write a well-written speech that will impress your audience.

  • Always begin with a thank you.
  • Recognize those who have been supportive.
  • Make your speech more amusing.
  • Make it memorable and keep it brief.
  • Make an outline before you begin writing the speech.
  • Finish with gratitude or a call to action.

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